What Does It Take to Be a Leader?

Have no fear, leaders are very well trained! We spend four weekends during the spring semester working on our outdoor, leadership, and group skills while camping in Missouri. We choose to do this via campouts to ensure your full comfort with outdoor living and leading. We also train all leaders in Wilderness First Aid as well as encouraging them to explore St. Louis and social justice in general through a walking tour of many areas. This does mean committing a significant amount of time to Wilderness Project, but the rewards are an unmatched outdoor education and building a team of friends that can overcome any obstacle. Training gives leaders all the tools necessary for an incredibly safe, fun, and enlightening experience.

The Wilderness Project is dedicated to providing not only a physically safe environment, but also an emotionally safe one. All leaders learn social justice skills focusing on identifying group dynamics, understanding how individuals function within larger groups, and exploring inequality in contemporary social situations. Outside groups that have assisted in the development of leader abilities include CD Players (Cultural-Diversity Players, a University organization dedicated to cross-cultural dialogue and discussion) and Safe Zones (a Washington University organization that teaches about LGBTQA issues). All leaders are dedicated to upholding the Wilderness Project philosophy, and will participate in dialogue on leadership, ethics, group dynamics, and diversity.

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Not only is the Steering Committee (the people who lead the leaders) incredibly excited to join you in the woods this upcoming year, but they also have all the skills listed above needed to make sure that the trip is safe, fun, and beneficial for all!